Simple FAQ

Simple FAQ
Photo by Etienne Girardet / Unsplash

Give me a stock rom for axioo model xxx !!!
This blogs and its contents is only a hobby of mine, it’s not always represent about where I work or what I’ve been doing for a living, I’m here as your friend, not salesman, I’m sharing my passion, not selling something.
Furthermore, I’m only creating a custom rom or custom recovery when I have chance to hack the device, usually it was borrowed from friends and of course on my free time. As always, I dump the image from alive system device to get the base rom and deleting them once its successful.
The point is, I don’t have stock rom or backups of any axioo devices. You have to contact it-clinic for that.

Where can I donate some money to support you?
I’m doing okay with my own business and my full time job. Like I said above, this blog and all custom rom I’ve made is a hobby and I want it to stay like this. If I accepted money for it, it would somehow feel like a second job, it builds up expectations for more support etc etc. So please donate to charity instead, they need the money more than I do. Or if you can’t afford to spend money, donate happiness to the people around you with some random acts of kindness. Thank you!

Can others fork the custom rom and publish their own version?
Yes, the Apache Licence 2.0 (in easy terms) allows this. However, you need to include the license/notices and provide clear attribution to the original authors.

Do I have to publish the source code of my fork?
No. However, I believe you should, for the reasons I mentioned above. It also leaves a bad taste if you take something free & open and then hide with it. It’s like you always eat the biggest piece of cake when your friends celebrate their birthdays, but never bring anything to celebrate your own. The open source concept can only work if you participate.