repartition mod PICOpad GFI 2Gb internal storage

Actually, the partition size between ICS and Jelly Bean release version is different on this GFI model, and because the old partitioner script repartition the storage by rewriting the EBR

repartition mod PICOpad GFI 2Gb internal storage

Keeping my promise to create mod to repartition PICOpad GFI with JellyBean  OS from 512MB internal storage into 2Gb size, here is my version. Many users suffer bootloop during installing the old repartitioner program dedicated to old ICS OS on their PICOpad GFI because they think it is the same process. Actually, the partition size between ICS and Jelly Bean release version is different on this GFI model, and because the old partitioner script repartition the storage by rewriting the EBR (Extended Boot Record partition) rather than deleting and recreate the new partition just like we do normally when resizing partition, thus the OS cannot find the /data partition on the next reboot and stuck at boot progress.

After examine the contents of EBR1 image file by using hexedit, it’s just common linux mbr ebr hexdump. Remembering the old days once i dealt with damage partition on one of my server … then i roll up the sleeves … do some basic hex math … resizing the USRDATA partition size from 512Mb 0x100000 to 2.2Gb 0x44C000. Then adjusting the FAT offset from 0x39df20 to 0x6E9F20 and finally calculate the length size and change from 0xffc620df to 0xFF9160DF and save it. Creating the to ease users doing an upgrade and here we go the result :


Precaution :

  • This repartition mod is specifically only for JellyBean OS PICOpad GFI !!! Only do this mod if you were using JellyBean stock rom from axioo or my custom rom. DO NOT attempt use this mod on ICS OS version or on other device, it will crash your device.
    Check your current OS version first before doing this, Go to Settings -> About -> Android Version : it must be 4.1.1 and the Build Number PICOpad_GFI_20121206_xxx
  • Read this thoroughly :
    Your warranty is now void !!!
    I am not responsible if you brick your phone, get stuck in a bootloop, or if your phone grows arms and tries to kill you. Flash at your own risk!
    Please do some research if you have any concerns about risk of flashing a custom mod before continuing! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you!!
    If you have any other objection, don’t bother to comment, just close this page!

How to use :

  • Download and copy the zip file to your external sdcard
  • Backup the content of the phone storage into your computer!! We will format this partition later.
  • Reboot into CWM recovery
  • Backup your system using nandroid backup !!
  • Install the zip file
  • Go to Mount and storage, and format /cache and /data
  • Reboot the system

The first boot will take a little longer since the OS needs to populate again the new data partition after we formated them. After boot completed, go to Settings page, and select Storage, and you will see your internal storage will resize to 2.12Gb :

If you still cannot see the 2Gb internal storage, no worry … somehow the system still sees the old partition, just go back to CWM recovery and wipe data / factory reset, the second time you boot completely, they will appear as 2Gb size.

If everything ok, then scroll to bottom and select Erase Phone Storage (we need to do this so the emmc phone usb storage will accept the new size) :


Honestly, we can use the whole 2.3Gb for internal storage and omitting the FAT emmc usb phone storage, but i left 135Mb space on purpose, here is the several reason :

  • I don’t have the device on hand right now, i have to ask many favor to my friend who got the device and since he’s a married man, i cannot bugging him to much just to try my script. So, in short, i have to made this quick and correct on a single try.
  • By omitting the FAT emmc usb phone storage, i must create another patch on the system framework and fstab so it would not search the usb storage partition during boot stage. Bad news is … I’m not in the mood right now.
  • Compatibility reason, there are some apps that search this usb storage for their purpose, i cannot remember what apps now, but i read somewhere.
  • You could personally use this storage to preserved for the installation of the apk and stuff, the advantage is it will not touch by usrdata reset, or restore from CWM recovery.

Enjoy extra large space on your PICOpad GFI !!