cwm and twrp recovery S4 i9500

For the twrp recovery, I don’t built myself but using Dees_Troy latest release build … yeaah, i really love this recovery

cwm and twrp recovery S4 i9500

Just bought this device replacing my nexus4 and rooted at day one using this custom recovery. At first, I really don’t want to create a custom rom so I won’t urgently need the custom recovery, i just want to root the device so i can restore my titanium backup apps from my old device … but … too bad, motochopper root exploit (by Dan Rosenberg or djrbliss aka Root God) no longer working on this 4.2.2 XXUBMEA firmware, so i have to find another way to root and … finally, have to find the original XXUBMEA dumped image from the device and create cwm recovery for an easy rooting progress.
I believe there are so many cwm custom recovery you can find for this device on xda, but I keep it here for my own backup. For the twrp recovery, I don’t built myself but using Dees_Troy latest release build … yeaah, i really love this recovery :-), he is such an awesome developer, credits goes to him and thank you very much from me for the share.
Maybe on the next holiday i will play with own custom rom for this device but there are many works needs my attention right now than playing with my own device.

Ok, for you who own this device and wants to install this custom recovery, here we go the files :


Download : openrecovery-twrp-


Download : i9500-cwm-recovery-


To install this custom recovery on your Galaxy S4 device you need some Flasher program called Odin (not related to Thor, Loki or Gundala in anyway), which unfortunately only available on winblows os platform, so I cannot support it. Lucky me, at the time I have to flash this custom recovery, I have some borrowed i7 notebook from the office for some other project, … that already had winblows7 on it, not to wasting anymore time, I install the samsung usb driver, Odin 3.7, flashing the cwm, root the device, woohooo … and reformat the harddisk. Done!

You may refer to this tutorial : [RECOVERY] [11.05.2013] ClockworkMod Recovery [Fully Working!] it is very well explained and please try to follow the steps carefully to the letters for successful result. From me, … as always, please be really careful using any Flasher program like this Odin Tool, especially with the option features you did not understand what is that for, since it may bricked your device forever.

Have fun flashing ROM and mods on your Galaxy S4 i9500 device.